Most effective home hacks to get rid of the dandruff problem!

Hair is the most important part of a person’s looks and appearance. Good hair can enhance your overall
looks to a great extent but is it quite a challenging task to take proper care of your hair. You need to be
highly careful about the food you are eating, hair product you are using as all them affects the growth
and health of your hair.

There are several hair problems that almost every person has to face at some point in his life, and one of
them is dandruff. Dandruff is a normal condition in which your scalp flakes because of dryness. It is not a
serious condition but can cause some damage to your hair and can also make you face some
embarrassment in front of your friends and colleagues.

If you see dandruff on your shoulders, then you need to take quick action and work to eliminate it from
your scalp. You can use different hair care products, but some of them may lead to some side effects.
So, to be on the safe side, you must try the following home hacks and solve the issue of dandruff.

Use Coconut oil

Coconut oil offers a wide range of benefits, and one of them is relief from dandruff. One of the primary
causes of dandruff is dry scalp, which makes coconut oil highly effective in treating dandruff. You need
to apply coconut oil to your scalp regularly for at least two weeks. It will nourish the scalp and remove
dandruff permanently.

You must not forget to wash your hair and applying a good conditioner before applying coconut oil.
Once your hair is completely dry, then you need to apply coconut oil to the scalp and rub it so that it
soaks the oil. Leave it for half an hour, and once the oil is absorbed, you can wash off the excess oil.

Apply egg mask

Eggs are not only a nutritious and healthy breakfast, but it is also a great option to keep your hair
healthy and free from dandruff. Eggs have certain ingredients that keep your scalp healthy and hinder
the growth of dandruff in it. You can create a mask of Egg yolks and apply it to your hair.

If you cannot stand the awkward smell, then you must avoid using this home hack, and eggs cause your
hair smells bad. It is quite simple to create an egg mask as all you need to do is whip two egg yolks and
apply it on your hair. Then you need to cover your head so that the mask doesn’t fell off. You can wash
your hair after keeping the mask on for around 50-60 minutes.

Massage your scalp with honey

Honey is one of the healthiest and beneficial natural ingredients. It is used for treating numerous health
and skin condition, and dandruff is one of them. You can mix some honey with warm water and massage
your scalp with it. It will not only give relief from dandruff but will also minimize hair fall.

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