How to learn a new language?

Bonjour! Learning a new language should always be on your bucket list. Learning a foreign language
should be a fun activity. It is a whole new adventure itself. There is no quick process to learn a
language. It takes time but at the end it is worth it. Bilingualism is huge and exciting. Gone are the
days when learning one single language would land you to a good job. Though one should always be
proud of their mother-tongue, a new language can be cherry on top for your resume. As a child it is
easy to learn a language, as their brain is still developing. Babies learn new language at a faster rate
than adults.
There are no set of rules to learn a new language nor is a specified set of periods. Many ted talkers
claim to learn a new language in six months. This varies from person to person.

  1. Making new friends in the community
    When a person starts learning a new language, they should make friends with native speakers. Ever
    wondered why we are good at our native language? This is because we live and work around people
    who speak the same language, such that we start picking up the words and comprehend the
    sentences. You can connect with native speakers on social sites or on skype.
  2. Watch a show or movie
    Learning is easy when we watch the visuals. It is a fact that visual content stays longer than reading
    the boring textbooks. Watch your favorite show in that language, this way you will start catching up
    with new words and sentence formation. You could take a look at ดูหนังออนไลน์ catalogue to help you out.
  3. Joining online course
    In every language, the most difficult part is grammar. Though an individual can learn a language on
    his own but even then, he should always know about concept and rules of grammar. People can
    learn new language on web by watching YouTube tutorials or by join an online course. There are
    various mobile apps like Duolingo, that have many language courses starting from the scratch.
    YouTube will help a lot to learn almost any language. Playing sports betting online via could also help you out.
  4. Reading books and articles
    Reading books and articles can be tough in the beginning but make sure you do not give up. It is
    never going to be easy, so give it time and learn one thing at a time. Read one page in a day and then
    underline new words and sentences.
  5. Self-teaching
    You cannot learn a language without revising it. Learning a language is not like you study one day
    and you forget it another day. You cannot break the chain of learning; you have to learn every day
    until you master that language. Fluency can be achieved after a little time; it will take months to be
    fluent in a foreign language. Remember the language you speak is the same you have been speaking
    since childhood, and then there are languages that are taught in school. Start from basics and then
    go to higher level, learning should not be a race. Enjoy every new word and repeat it every day and
    every week.
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