How to Kiss a Girl on the Cheek

When your girlfriend was standing in the crowd and her eyes were looking for you, suddenly she saw you walking towards her with a smile on your face. She was waving at you murmuring “hello” to you. After you approached, standing in front of her you leaned over and kissed her on her cheek with your wet lips, what reaction was from her? Although she was a bit embarrassed and didn’t expect your cheek kiss, her face was still filled with a pleasing smile; when you were kissing her cheek, at least she didn’t walk backward instead she slightly turned her head around and gave her cheek to you.

How many times did you kiss your girlfriend’s cheek? And in what situation would you like to do it to her? Here are some tips to instruct you how to kiss a girl on the cheek. And to keep her asking for more, you’d want to smell and look your best and can help you with that.

A cheek kiss can happen everywhere, such as when you come back from your trip and your girlfriend goes to airport to pick you up, because several days apart between you and your girlfriend, the distance makes the two of you miss each other. When you see the girl standing in the crowd with a sweet smile on her face, you approach her and kiss her on her cheek. A simple and casual cheek kiss, but it expresses your thoughts of love to her. The moment when you put your lips on her cheek, she can feel your body temperature, the two of you have eye contact, at once you hold her hand and immediately you hold her shoulder closer to yours, I believe both of you enjoy the cheek kiss.

In another situation, if you kiss your girl on her cheek, she might be pleased too. One day some of your friends gathered together for a camping trip. You were talking with other friends standing on the street, and your girlfriend was walking towards you. When she was standing in front of you, you leaned your body a bit towards her and kissed her on the cheek in front of your other friends. Your girlfriend felt a bit embarrassed with two red spots on her cheeks. She was not angry, instead she enjoyed the moment of cheek kissing because your action showed how closer you are to each other and other girls might have been jealous of your intimacy to your girlfriend.

The cheek kissing does express your affection to the girl, and most of the time the girl does enjoy it. As you know, cheek kissing on one side, you can pause when you kiss the girl on her one cheek and whisper some words in her ear. However cheek kissing on two sides, and it might be just a kiss, most of the time it happens between normal friends, therefore it really depends what you want to express yourself – a lover or just a close friend.

Moreover, for cheek kissing, normally you just kiss a girl’s cheek with your lips, please do avoid either sucking or licking the girl’s cheek; she might feel uncomfortable if you do it on her cheek, and most of the time, the girl might think you don’t show any respect to her in a public place. Please keep in mind not to over use cheek kiss. Your tender and gentle cheek kissing will show you are a gentleman to the girl, and she will enjoy your polite and kind behaviour. Cheek kissing is a good way to show your love to your ideal girl. Behave like a gentleman; the girl will feel your feelings to her.

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