Does Your Computer Have a Flu?

One fine day you get up and you feel like you have a headache, you have a running nose and you may have fever and you are not feeling at your best. Chances are you have a Flu! Now so it happens that you Mac is not working as expected, it could have slowed down, may not be starting up or may be doing something unexpected like not printing on the print command, the CD or DVD is stuck and is not coming out from the tray, the USB device you plugged in is not being recognized, spotlight is not working, email client is not working and a host of other issues. Your Mac has a Flu, a Mac Flu! But the good news is that it can be cured and it can be done with relative ease.


The operating system used by Mac is very robust and can be fixed by you or mac repair experts. There are some things you can try to do if you Mac is suffering from Mac flu like you would do if you were suffering from a flu in real life. When your machine is free from any kind of flu or malware, you’d be able to play your favorite sports betting games via without any issues.

Time for some home remedies to cure your “Mac Flu”

Get some rest:

The best thing you can do when you have flu is to take some rest. With you Mac, let is try to finish the operations it has been trying to do. Too many things open on your machine can slow it down, close all the application that you are not using at the moment and free up some memory for the application that you want to run. In many cases this will show results immediately.

Get some sleep:

Getting sufficient sleep during a Flu can be all the difference to your recovery time when you get a Flu. So when closing applications did not work, you should turn off your Mac for a few minutes and then start it. Chances are your Mac will now function as expected. You may have to perform a safe boot or run disk utility. Also try removing all connected peripherals.

Taking medications:

If none of the above two steps worked the problem may be a little deeper than it looks. Time for some medications to help you feel better. Look up the

issues you are facing

on Google and see if a simple fix is available. At time there may be some setting that you need to change or an application that can help you fix the problems.

Going to the doctor:

If you have a case of flu that does not give you relief with over the counter medication, you would visit a doctor. In case of a Mac flu, that does not get resolved with the above steps, get in touch with a Mac expert who can help you fix the issues you are facing with the Mac. They have all the tools available to diagnose your problem and fix it for you, it can be from taking a backup of your data from your hard disk or reinstalling software and applications that are causing the issue you are facing.

Any issues that you are facing with your Mac computer or laptop that is causing this Mac can be solved, so go ahead and give it a try.

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