How to increase the life of computer batter?

There are many myths regarding the battery of the computer. One thing is certain that the life of
battery will not last forever. The battery of the computer or laptop has to be changed after few
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When should the battery of computer be changed?

Users should know when they have to replace their computer battery, as it drains after few years.
Your computer may not mail you that you have to replace the battery. There are some clear signs to
it. For example, when computer is charged but the battery drains out earlier than it used to.
When you use computer, you will notice a red X that will appear on your battery, when you click on
it. You will see that the windows are informing you to replace the battery. Battery drains out when it
is not connected to the outlet. This is more often when laptops or computer are getting old and they
need to be replaced. But a bad battery may not be a sign to replace the entire computer. You can
just replace the battery and the computer will work in good condition.
There can be various reasons as to why the battery of the compute declines. It can because of
increased usage, heat or wear and tear. Computer is a technology; it has to be updated after certain
period of time. Batteries lose capacities when they get old and they will die.

How to improve the life of computer battery?

  1. Cool the battery
    you can keep the battery cool after switching off the laptop and then blow air for ten minutes on
    the back if the computer. This way the battery will cool down and this should be done every day
    after using the computer.
    When battery is hot, heat is released which makes it unhealthy and it wears early. Heat is also not
    good for your lap of you is using a laptop. If you think that your battery of laptop or computer is very
    hot, you can store it in cool temperature.
  2. Never leave your battery when it is fully charged
    It is always advised to never leave the plug on when battery is 100%charged. There are two types of
    battery- lithium battery and nickel-based battery. This rule is applicable to nickel-based batteries.
    Use sockets that will stop the battery from charging after it is fully charged. This can overall affect
    your battery life and your battery. There is no proof that the battery will explode after fully charged,
    it is simply not good for your computer’s working condition.
  3. fully discharge the battery
    Once in a month, the battery of laptop should be fully discharged. Batteries that are built these days
    are known as smart batteries. These batteries die after three hours of computer usage. So,
    engineers’ advice the users to discharge their batteries fully once in a month to improve the life of
    the battery. Batteries are life of the computer like air is for humans they should be kept healthy and
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