Tips for hair care for men and women

Planning to go to a wedding, but stuck with bad hair day? Well, there are days in our lives when our
hair does not coordinate with our functions. Having voluminous and bouncy hair is a dream for every
woman out there. Not just women, men are also taking steps toward hair care.
To understand the tips for hair care, we should first know why hair care is important?
When we meet a stranger, the first thing that we notice besides his/her personality is her hair.
Growing up our mothers has emphasized the importance of hair care. Good hair day can be a
confidence booster for people. One way to leave a good impression in an interview or important
meeting can be good hair. Taking care of hair is important; our hair is exposed to all the dirt and
pollutants in the environment. We cover our other body parts and keep them hygienic, the same is
essential for hair. Here are some tips for hair care. Earn the money to invest in yourself by playing simple
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  1. Regular hair wash
    Washing hair regularly is a step forward to hair hygiene. Scalp is exposed to air so it is full of dirt and
    is oily. It is essential to wash hair every twice a week. People who have oily scalp should wash three
    to four times a week and people with dry scalp should stick to thrice a week.
  2. Using organic shampoos
    Modern shampoos are full of chemicals that can be harmful for hair growth. Individuals should use
    chemical free shampoos. There are many companies that manufacture organic shampoos.
  3. Using right conditioner
    Using conditioner after shampoo can be good for hair. People should always check the ingredients in
    the conditioner and use accordingly.
  4. Regular hair oiling
    Oiling and massaging hair a night before hair wash can improve blood circulation and helps in
    restoring moisture in the hair. Oiling also helps in relieving stress and is good for growth of hair.
  5. Using right comb
    There are certain combs like wide tooth comb that will prevent the damage of the hair. After
    washing the hair, people should resist combing the hair until they are dry.
  6. Natural hair styling
    These days’ people use a lot of heat on their hair to straight them or to curl them. using heat on the
    hair regularly can lead to a lot of hair damage. There is nothing more beautiful than natural hair
  7. Regular hair trimming
    Split-ends are like bills, show up every month. People should trim hair to cut the split ends. Split
    ends are very common and they appear due to pollution, dirt, and heat.
  8. Healthy diets A healthy lifestyle has a great impact on the hair growth. Right food is essential for hair growth as
    hair is made up of protein. Eating berries, green vegetables and sweet potato can help in restoring
    hair growth.
  9. Drinking more water
    For overall growth and well-being of body, hydration is important. Everyone should drink at least
    three liters of water daily. This will ensure good hair growth and internal hydration.
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