Why employee training is beneficial in workplace?

Training refers to teaching a skill or prepares a person for some action. Organizational training is
very essential and beneficial for employees. Training helps to provide the knowledge to the
employees. Many people think that training and development is same thing, but it is not. Business
environment is dynamic; it is ever changing a business need to change with their environment.
Human resource is the greatest asset in an organization, so training employees is very important and
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How training helps the employees?

  • Increase productivity
    If there is new technology in the market, employees should be provided knowledge about
    that technology and how to use it. Using outdated technology will reduce the productivity
    of the overall organization. If employees are given enough training regarding new things or
    working of the organization, the work will be done efficiently in the organization.
  • Employee motivation and satisfaction
    Training sessions should not be tedious. They should be fun and relevant to the employees.
    Many organizations are investing in training and development of their employees. If
    employees are trained, they feel motivated to do a particular work and will be satisfied.
    Organizations may also have international trainers who will help to grow the employees in
    the organization.
  • Improved skills
    Proper training and development will help the employees to detect any shortcoming in
    their work. This will help them to improve their skills. Before joining an organization,
    employees are given training so they know the working of the organization, similarly that
    should be given training sessions to improve their skills. Training should be relevant to the

How training helps the organization?

  • Reduce chances of accident
    Proper training and developmental sessions will provide knowledge to the employees
    regarding various subjects that affect the organization. For example, a production employee
    goes through extensive training before actually working in the organization. Likewise, there
    are certain industries where training is given to employee’s right after their recruitment but
    before they start working in actual workplace. The reason behind this is to reduce the
    chance of any accidents and wastage of raw materials in the workplace.
  • Proper utilization of resources
    Resources are limited in an organization. Here, resources refer to raw, materials and human
    resource. Organizations aim at working efficiently and effectively. To achieve this, everyone
    should know what they have to do. Organizations should communicate their goals to their
    employees; this can be achieved through training. Employees should be taken in confidence
    and they should be motivated in an organization.
  • Increased profits

Profits can be achieved if there is proper utilization of resources in an organizational and
productivity is high. Both these goals can be achieved via training of employees and
everyone else in an organization. Mere training is not enough, management should also
take feedbacks from employees and they should be sure that employees are applying the
training methods in their working. Employees need guidance and strength in an
organization, training helps them to give direction.

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