How advertising of junk food is affecting young children?

With the expansion of communication, various forms of media have evolved around us that have
influenced us in different ways. Among them is food advertising. Promotion of food through media
was established with an idea of informing consumers about existing product in market; but
establishment of brand names, turned food industry into junk food industry, because promoters
started seeking more profit in junk food products.
Moreover, they started unhealthy food advertisement which target kids; because children are more
vulnerable to food advertisements as, they are still developing, and these manipulative junk food
ads take advantage of innocent and immature kids. Is it ethical to make the junk food
advertisements aimed at children? Certainly not, according to parents, but marketers do not bear
responsibility for it, as they only focus on making money regardless of effects on children life.
Nowadays, we see alarming rates of health issues from junk food consumption across globe and
demand to ban these ads in rapidly increasing. To give your children healthier options, you might want to look into playing บาคาร่า online.
If these ads are not banned then kids will face massive health problems later in life. In sum, junk
food promotion for children should be strictly banned in Canada, because it leads to many problems
in kids such as obesity, nutritional deficiency and children become addicted to unhealthy food.
71% of the children are over-weight these days. Government needs to regulate its policies and
prevent these marketers from making profit un ethically.

The reason for this problem among kids:

It is increased influential food promotion which only promotes food which leads to obesity. Most of
the foods that are marketed to kids are those which are high in fat, sugar and salt which is foremost
reason for obesity. Let’s take an example of Coke and Wendy’s cheeseburger which contain high
sugar and high fat, which children consume almost every day. On top of that, to increase sales.
Billions of dollars are spent every year to make advertising more influential and appealing.

What strategy is used by marketers?

Marketers are using different strategies like use of popular cartoon characters and celebrities in ads
to influence children to consume more junk food. We can see Taylor Swift, popular singer
promoting Diet Coke and LeBron James, famous basketballer endorsing Mc Donald’s cheeseburger in
commercials. Junk food is like a magnet which is pulling kids to become a prey of obesity and these
manipulative advertisements are source of promoting unhealthy food to our kids. Hence, food
advertisements should be restricted to make any appearance in front of children.

Conclusion drawn:

Advertising of junk food also leads to nutritional deficiency in children. Children requires high
amount of nutrients such as calcium, proteins and vitamins, which help them to grow in their early
age, but consumption of fast food lack these essential nutrients which stunt kid’s growth and
development. Despite that, Parents bear some blame too because it is responsibility of parents to
tell their children benefits of eating vegetables and milk. Proper intake of green healthy vegetables
help child to become physically and mentally strong but these advertisers selling junk food are
making kids weak for future.

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