Saunas and hot tubs: Tips to remember

Portable infrared saunas Since you can readily install a portable infrared sauna anyplace in your home or backyard, or take with you on holiday, more and more people are attracted to portable saunas. Simple to set up and take down, portable infrared saunas provide the convenience that traditional Finnish steam saunas can not supply, and infrared heat has a lot health benefits than the old fashioned saunas. Old-fashioned saunas offer indirect heat to heat the air to 180 degrees F or more, whereas infrared saunas warm the body directly, as the sun does, with temperatures between 100 and 140 degrees F.

Portable infrared saunas only take about 15 minutes to warm up, where Finnish steam saunas take the better part of an hour, and thus have greater operating costs. The invisible infrared rays are the most healthful rays created by the sun because they penetrate the skin and activate the sweat glands, which in turn operate to eliminate toxins from your body. Folks who must put up with back pain, arthritis, or migraine headaches report better health with improved blood circulation after sitting in an infrared sauna. Keep in mind that a nice sauna membership can be one of the great groomsmen gifts! The conventional sauna can really tire people out after a long exposure to the intense heat, while those with infrared saunas feel refreshed and renewed. The health benefits of infrared rays have long been understood, but none of the infrared lamps some doctors recommend can equal the potency of a far infrared sauna and it’s deep heating action.

A tanning bed might be a healthy way to get your “sunshine” You can do long term harm to your skin when you leave it exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. Even though most of us know about this lots of people are unaware that too little sunshine can also be harmful to our health. Exposure to the sun is vital for the creation of vitamin D which the body uses for controlling blood pressure. It can be tricky getting sufficient healthy exposure to sunlight without taking a chance on some of the negative impacts of overexposure. One way to control the how much exposure you get is with the use of residential tanning units. Many people take regular trips to a tanning salon which can be expensive and inconvenient. With a tanning unit at home you can climb in it whenever it is convenient without thinking about its impact to your pocketbook. You will enjoy the extra privacy and comfort of tanning in your own home without having to be concerned about what other people think of your progress.

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