How to heat the pool water in an environmentally friendly manner

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One of the problems of the holders of a pool is certainly the temperature of the water. Especially in the pre-summer, back when the Sun is not a constant weather, it is difficult to see people get so decided to dive or in the water, preferring an entry more “soft”, in layers, to acclimate to the temperature of the pool. There are several methods to heat the water of your pool and we will provide you the solutions to make it in an environmentally friendly manner . To help pay for the maintenance and miscellaneous expenses, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via แทงบอลออนไลน์อันไหนดี.

One of the methods certainly more environmentally friendly and affordable for everyone is the “solar sun rings.” In essence, a solar sun ring is composed of a double layer of vinyl in which air is introduced so as to make it lighter and, above all, in a way such that it floats on the water surface. This innovative method makes the solar energy is absorbed from the upper layer in vinyl, to then be distributed in the form of heat (up to 50% of the same energy) to the water of the swimming pool through the lower layer of the solar sun ring. Each of these “rings” can be easily connected to the other via the magnets, so as to cover more surface area as possible and consequently speed the heating water.

The solar panels also go for more, despite the space required for their placement is considerable and the prices are very high. In short, the pool pump is directly connected to the solar panels, which have both of the tubes in the lower part than in the upper one, and in the middle are of smaller tubes placed in the vertical (for instance, imagine a rectangle in a straight position) . The pump sends the water to the lower tube, after which the same is entered in the vertical tubes, in which is automatically heated by the sun’s rays. The heated water through the pipes above, until returning to the pool, and this process is repeated continuously until you get to the temperature you want.

Another method that uses solar energy to heat the water in the pools is the “heater dome” The strength of this method, in addition to the price (very cheap) and the size (minimal if compared with solar panels ), is the transparent cover, which creates a greenhouse effect that can heat water more efficiently. The dome heater through the pipes, is connected to the system pool filtration, the latter sends the water to the “dome”, which is heated and sent back to the pool Depending on the size of the pool you can connect multiple heaters, on average, with only a “dome” you can raise of 6 ° the temperature of a pool of 10-15 m3 in a week.

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